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Selling from the Chair (Abbreviated)

Implementing PLN: Starting In the Exam Room

One-Sentence Synopsis:

Patients trust their optometrist to advise them on what’s best — in this video, Dr. Sturm shares some strategies you can use to set them (and your optician!) up for the best experience. If you'd rather, you can watch the full-length "Selling from the Chair" training by Dr. Sturm here »

What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding what your patients truly want vs. what many doctors THINK they want.
  • Informing patients vs. selling patients, and why that’s an important distinction.
  • How to “set the stage” for profitability and premium-performing products before they ever set foot in your optical.
  • The importance of “the handoff” from the exam room to your optician.

Why it’s important to your success:

Optometrists are facing more competition now than ever before, and knowing how to foster a relationship that benefits both your practice financially AND your patient’s vision is critical to your business’ success.

No other supplier or manufacturer is making this possible the way Pivotal Group is.