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Troubleshooting Poor Staff Adoption with Pivotal Group & How to Overcome It

Troubleshooting When Staff Doesn't Seem to Be Buying In

One-Sentence Synopsis:

Dr. Sturm walks you through the steps of troubleshooting and solving any staff adoption obstacles you encounter while implementing Pivotal Group’s benefits in your practice.

What you’ll learn:

  • Becoming clear on employee motivation to change your sourcing vs. YOUR motivation as the business owner.
  • Not letting a years-long relationship with a lab rep and your optician/office manager cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • How to approach this conversation with staff if you determine there are staff adoption issues.
  • Setting goals, sharing them with the staff, and possibly even motivate your employees to buy in.

Why it’s important to your success:

A good employee can help you build MUCH healthier cashflow using Pivotal Lab Network and other Pivotal Group benefits…

A bad one could be costing you $50,000 - $100,000 per year in extra profit.

Learning how to spot and resolve these challenges has been critical to our most successful members’ increased profits.