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I use Varilux/ Zeiss/ Hoya/ Shamir — will my patients adapt to PLN's PAL designs?

Long story short: Yes.

All progressive manufacturers have a suite of designs, and as sophisticated and advanced as any one company is, good design is going to work regardless of the manufacturer.

As long as you are comparing comparable categories, you and your patients will be 100% satisfied. There is a document in the "Important Documents" section in our member's area which details the progressive categorizations on the typically accepted 1-5 VCP category system.

If you don’t know what category of progressive you are using now, you’ll probably do just fine with PLN's lenses by selecting the lenses you dispense based on the price points you want to reach: PLN has Level 1, 3, 4, and 5 progressives.

We have members transitioning entirely from Hoya, Zeiss, Shamir, and Essilor and doing great, often going months without a non-adapt.

If you ever experience an issue with adaptation, feel free to ask our Support Department about it at support@trypivotal.com