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What’s the backstory on PLN?

How we're able to provide equal-quality lenses for a fraction of the price (50%-75% lower than competitors).

Pivotal Group quickly became known by independent optometrists across the United States for the equal-quality, fractionally-priced lenses that were originally available through our partner lab.

As Pivotal Group grew more rapidly than any group of its kind, our partner lab couldn't scale quickly enough to keep up with production and, over time, it became clear to us that Pivotal Group leadership would need full control and authority at the lab to deliver a consistently positive member experience.

It took over two years from idea to launch, but Pivotal Lab Network (PLN) was created to provide our members with the exact same lens designs at the prices that made us an OD-favorite, but with more consistent quality, turnaround time, and customer service made possible by our corporate structure, management, and implementation of strict policies and procedures.