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Maximizing Your Use of PLN for Maximum Profit

Maximizing Your Use of Pivotal Lab Network: For Both Opt-Out AND Non-Opt-Out States.

So many doctors think Pivotal Group can only be used for self-pay and opt-out/out of network transactions — Zeke shares why that couldn’t be further from the truth.

What you’ll learn — Members NOT In Opt-Out States:

  • Why should you even care about maximizing your use of Pivotal Lab Network?
  • Sales strategies that we’ve found to be effective with our patients.
  • Tracking the adoption by your staff & how much money you’re leaving on the table as a result.

What You’ll Learn — Members In Opt-Out States:

All of the above, plus…
Making sure you’re really opted-out.
How we can help you opt-out if you’re allowed to by state legislation but haven’t yet.

Why it’s important to your success:

Pivotal Lab Network isn’t an “all or nothing” lab solution.

Members all across the country should be saving tens of thousands of dollars per year using PLN — that’s true even if you’re not in an opt-out state.

If you ARE in an opt-out state, though, there’s even more profit up for grabs.