How to Get the Most Out of Your Member Advocate

"What Can My Member Advocate Actually Do?"

One-Sentence Synopsis:

Dr. Sturm already introduced you to our Member Advocacy Program, and in this video he walks you through some tangible examples of what they can do for your business.

What you’ll learn:

  • Quick reminder of what the your MAP to Pivotal Group is here to help with.
  • The top areas for utilizing your Member Advocate (lab liaison, staff troubleshooting, COGS review, forecasting your Pivotal Group ROI using your actual numbers, etc.)

Why it’s important to your success:

You’re not in this alone — your Member Advocate’s job is to help you get the most out of Pivotal Group.

If anything has confused you, tripped you up, or gotten in your way since becoming a member — let us know! Your Member Advocate will do everything they can to set your business up for success.