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Using Pivotal Group for More than Self-Pay & Opt-Out Scenarios

Five Non-Opt-Out & Non-Self-Pay Scenarios that You Can Use PLN.

One-Sentence Synopsis:

So many doctors think Pivotal Group can only be used for self-pay and opt-out/out of network transactions — Zeke shares why that couldn’t be further from the truth.

What you’ll learn:

  • Debunking the myth of, “I can’t use Pivotal Group if I’m not opted-out/OON”
  • Multiple scenarios where you can leverage PLN for massive profits
  • Everything from BOGO promotions, second pairs, package solutions, instances where patients can’t get what they need from a VCP lab, and more.

Why it’s important to your success:

90%+ of our new members leave A LOOOT of money on the table because of this misconception.

Maximizing your use of Pivotal Lab Network means maximizing your profit margins. The more “tools in your toolbox” for using it, the healthier and more profitable your business is going to be.