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Best Practices to Ensure Employee Buy-In

One-Sentence Synopsis:

Many staff members don’t want to change suppliers and aren’t incentivized to do so — make sure to include them in the process if you want to reap the full potential of your Pivotal Group membership.

What you’ll learn:

  • The critical importance of clearly defining who’s in charge: You? The optician? The Office Manager?
  • Understanding owner vs. employee motivation, and how that can sabotage Pivotal Group adoption.
  • How to communicate clearly with your staff & helping them understand why this is helpful to everyone — employees included.
  • The importance of tracking PLN maximization to determine whether or not your staff is bought in & following instructions.

Why it’s important to your success:

If your staff doesn’t buy in for any reason — it’s too much work, they’re confused or overwhelmed, or they just find ordering from their old lab easier — it’s costing YOU money.

It’s important that you lead the way and involve key staff members in the process if you want to save $50,000 - $100,000+ per year using your Pivotal Group membership.