Increasing Profits by Reducing Account Remakes

Lowering your account remake percentage puts profits directly into your pocket. Here are the most common causes, and how to troubleshoot/prevent them.

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Webinar Description & Table of Contents

Since we began sharing each account's remake percentage at PLN, we've received several inquiries about reducing account remakes.

Since this topic will be beneficial for saving money not only at PLN, but with ANY lab you do business with, we're excited to dig deep with members on this topic.

  • 0:01 Overview of this topic & webinar's contents
  • 0:22 The impact of remakes and what to expect when reducing them
  • 1:32 How does your practice's remake percentage compare to other practices?
  • 3:36 Best practices for tracking remake percentages within your practice
  • 5:04 Implementing standards and incentives for reducing account remakes
  • 6:55 Inspection best practices for reducing account remakes
  • 9:32 Preventing ordering/entry errors
  • 11:42 Reducing edger slippage and other edging-related errors
  • 13:48 Troubleshooting and reducing RX change/non-adapt remakes
  • 15:39 Aligning your sales method with remake best practices
  • 18:13 Troubleshooting and reducing fit-related remakes
  • 19:33 Ownership and chain of custody for placing orders
  • 20:38 Reducing scratch & mechanical-related remakes
  • 22:35 Dispensing best practices for reducing remakes
  • 24:14 Notes, tips, and general guidance for troubleshooting remake %
  • 28:15 Beginning of Q&A
    • 29:11 How do you handle buyer's remorse? Do you recommend charging a restocking fee?
    • 31:30 Related to the above, what about when the patient isn't satisfied with the frame?


Join our Co-Founder (Zeke Agee) along with our VP of Member Advocacy (E. G. Aguilar) as we discuss:

  • Average account remake statistics to see how your practice stacks up.
  • How remakes are affecting the rest of your practice.
  • Common remake reasons and types.
  • How to reduce future remakes.
  • How your sales method affects your remakes.
  • And more...