Selling from the Chair (Live Webinar)

This webinar's topics include: starting the sales process in the exam room, boosting 2nd pair sales, gaining & maintaining trust, and MUCH more.

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Webinar Description & Table of Contents

Last month, we discussed optical sales strategies that you and your staff can use to maximize your optical's sales. During that webinar, we made several references to the importance of the doctor's role in that process: selling from the chair, which sets the optical staff up for success.

  • 0:01 Intro & brief preface regarding doing what's best for the patient
  • 0:44 What you'll learn during this webinar
  • 1:20 Refraction techniques for the most impactful & accurate exam
  • 4:55 Overcoming denial & educating new presbyopes
  • 6:50 Consultative discussion regarding alternative Rxs and 2nd pairs
  • 9:16 Discussing lens options & upgrades (comparing PAL performance, overcoming brand allegiance, etc.)
  • 12:28 Strengthening trust & credibility with your patient (discussing ways to save, acknowledge the cost-benefit with premium products, avoid sales pitches)
  • 14:45 Capturing the sale during, or possibly even BEFORE, the handoff to your optical staff
  • 17:15 Beginning of Q&A


Join our Optometrist Co-Founder (Dr. Mark Sturm) along with our VP of Member Advocacy (E. G. Aguilar) as we discuss these vital elements of selling from the chair:

  • New Rx – acknowledging the need.
  • Alternate correction options & 2nd pairs.
  • Educating the patient on recommended options/upgrades.
  • Gaining/maintaining trust.
  • Capturing the sale.
  • Q&A with Dr. Sturm.