Maximizing Your Optical's Sales Using Today's Most Effective Sales Strategies

This webinar's topics include: consultative selling, NOT leading with price, effective packaging & quoting, and more.

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Webinar Description & Table of Contents

We've received several questions regarding how to most effectively position & sell Pivotal Lab Network's products to patients:

  • What tiers & packages should I offer to maximize sales?
  • How do I position PLN's PAL designs alongside brand names?
  • How can I capture some of the business I'm losing to online competitors? 

If these are obstacles you and your staff want to be significantly more effective at overcoming, we strongly recommend making the time to watch this replay!

  • 1:10 Using the consultative method to uncover needs and sell to those needs, not price/VCP.
  • 3:22 Tying benefits & features to patient needs, and a reduction to a reduction in function.
  • 5:12 Using packaging to sell effectively and position levels of performance within the patient's mind.
  • 7:25 Quoting multiple options, explaining the difference, and without anchoring to insurance or brandname products as part of your value proposition.
  • 9:47 How to effectively compete against "big box" and online optical offerings.
  • 11:59 The role branding should play in your optical and sales process.
  • 14:25 Using the handoff from the exam room to the optical to transfer trust. 
  • 17:30 Overview of PLN's point-of-purchase marketing materials available to members.

** 20:28 Beginning of Q&A **

  • 20:28 Can you explain the computer lenses?
  • 22:24 How much blue light is blocked by PLN's BlueBlock lenses, and which wavelengths?
  • 23:47 Do you have a relaxed lens option?
  • 24:35 What is the difference between Agility Blue and Green, and when do you choose one over the other?
  • 25:30 How is BlueBlock coating different from BlueBlocking material?
  • 26:22 Which material is best for blue blocking?
  • 27:02 Is BlueBlock truly as effective as premium AR?
  • 28:04 How does Classic AR compare to Pure Agility AR?
  • 29:06 Are both ARs multilayer?


Join our Co-Founder (Zeke Agee) along with our VP of Member Advocacy (E. G. Aguilar) as we discuss:

  • How to most effectively leverage consultative selling
  • How to package and tier your offering for improved sales
  • How to compete with online sales
  • Quoting strategies
  • Collaboration and handoff with the clinic
  • And more...