How Do PLN's Lenses & Coatings Compare to Other Labs?

Putting Pivotal Lab Network's PAL designs into context with other brand names & popular labs

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Webinar Description & Table of Contents

We receive a lot of questions about PLN's progressive lens technology, and that was evidenced by how many of you selected that as a topic of interest when responding to our poll.

Since this was our most-requested topic, we'll be putting PLN's PAL designs into full context with the greater industry during this webinar.
  • 0:07 Lesson summary
  • 0:43 Universal information that applies to all PLN lens designs
  • 2:31 Overview of PLN's Pure Basic PAL design & comparable brand names
  • 3:14 Overview of PLN's Pure Advanced PAL design & comparable brand names
  • 4:20 Overview of PLN's Pure Elite PAL design & comparable brand names
  • 5:25 Overview of PLN's Pure 4K PAL design & comparable brand names
  • 7:24 Overview of PLN's BiFocus design & comparable brand names
  • 8:16 Overview of PLN's PuRelax design & comparable brand names
  • 8:54 Overview of PLN's Office design (Balanced, DE, RE) & comparable brand names
  • 10:20 How to position PLN's lenses in your practice
  • 12:32 Where to find technical resources & video training for PLN within our member's area
  • 14:50 Tour of member's area showing the resources Zeke referenced within his training

*** 19:00 Beginning of Q&A ***
  • 19:05 "We catch ourselves fudging the seg height" + Zeke's tips
  • 20:12 "Can you briefly go into warranty policy?" + Zeke's explanation of PLN's warranty policies
  • 23:30 "How do your AR coatings prepare to other brands?" + Zeke's breakdown of PLN's 3-tier AR structure
  • 26:03 "On the blue-blocking, is there any color to the lens and what's the amount of blue light blocking?" + Zeke's reply on how to get the best blue light protection possible
Attendees can join our Co-Founder (Zeke Agee) along with our VP of Member Advocacy (E. G. Aguilar) as we discuss:

- How PLN's progressive lens designs compare to competitors
- How you and your staff can position PLN lenses within your practice
- How to access the resources available to you and your staff to maximize your utilization of Pivotal Lab Network
- And more...